Buffalo High School
Bison Backers

What is Bison Backers?   
Bison Backers is a non-profit organization that was established exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to support, promote and encourage the students and activity programs of Buffalo High School.

Bison Backer Mission Statement 
The Bison Backers is established as a support group to encourage parent and community participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand all activities that are available to each individual student at Buffalo High School. The Bison Backers feel strongly that parent and community involvement during high school years can be a key to the success of the individual student and Buffalo High School.
Meeting Information 
Bison Backer meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm
 in the commons area at Buffalo High School.  For more
information email info@bisonbackers.com.

2013-2014 Officers
♦  Mark Wilson, President  
♦  Jerry Gill, Vice-President
♦  Shelley Gill, Secretary  
♦  Donna Nelson, Treasurer